Mining – Marble Quarry Management
Petma Marble Ltd.

Petma was founded in May 2010 as mining branch of  Pet Holding to produce natural stones and marble blocks. In February  2011, production operations were initiated in the Petma's own quarry located around the Ormanözü Village of Tokat-Turhal. Light beige marble blocks with some thin red veins spotted in places were produced in the quarry. Such marble blocks called "Turnalit Beige" and "Turnalit Coral" have been well absorbed by domestic and international markets. The production of such blocks was suspended in 2013 and the production operations have been continued in the light beige marble quarry of Petma   located around Topkaya village of Mersin-Mut. Currently, Petma continues to produce "Petma Beige" and "Petma Light Beige"  marble blocks in this quarry  which are equivalent of the Ottoman Beige blocks produced in  the Burdur region.

Mut quarry’s stone Petma Beige is being prefered for prestigious projects and  improving its popularity not only in local but in world’s marble market as well. All kinds of surface treatments can be done with  colour selection depending on demands.